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Since our establishment in July 1946, we have actively expanded business operations actively through acquiring certification for trucking, railroad forwarding, marine transport and warehousing; improving transport systems; and increasing operating bases.

As of April, 2018

July 1946 Established Senko Unyu Shoji Co., Ltd. and changed the corporate name to Senko Transport Co., Ltd. in October
October 1961 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange
October 1970 Started physical distribution consulting service
August 1973 Started online service between customers and our warehouses in Kansai district, expanding the service area nationwide afterwards
October 1973 Changed the corporate name to Senko Co., Ltd.
March 1975 Listed on the First Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange
August 1980 PD center construction plans fully began to be implemented nationwide, starting with the opening of the Nankou PD Center, Osaka
March 1985 Started a physical distribution service for general merchandising stores and retailers.
November 1987 Opened a distribution center for dealing with housing materials, developed total physical distribution system for housing materials and started a service
February 1990 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
July 1996 Opened comprehensive training facility for transport and safety "Crefeel Koto" in Higashiomi City , Shiga Prefecture
December 1997 Opened a physical distribution center in Dalian , China
May 2000 Developed new logistics system "the Best Partner System (BPS)", and started services
March 2005 Commercialized IC tags for the first time for rental goods in the healthcare services industry
August 2005 Dalian Tri-Enterprise Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in Dalian , China
November 2005 Formed a comprehensive business alliance on physical distribution with Hankyu Express International Co., Ltd.
March 2007 Formed a capital and business alliance with Tokyo Nohin Daiko Co., Ltd.
March 2008 Formed a business alliance with Join-stock Company KazTransService.
April 2008
Established Logi Solution Co., Ltd. to conduct a 3PL logistics business and logistics consulting business
August 2008 Formed a business alliance with Sejong Logistics Inc. of Korea concerning the composition of trains using the China land bridge
February 2009 Tokyo Nohin Daiko Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary
July 2009 Marufuji Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary
October 2009 Acquired subsidiaries of H2O RETAILING CORPORATION, Esaka Logistics Service Co., Ltd. and Hanshin Transport Co., Ltd.
October 2014 RANTEC Co.,Ltd., KOUKI Co.,Ltd. became a Subsidiary
February 2010
Senko Logistics Australia Pty Ltd was established in Ingleburn, Australia
May 2010 A joint venture, Senko-Lancaster Silk Road Logistics LLP was established in Kazakhstan
September 2011 Smile Corp. became a subsidiary
January 2012 Chugoku Piano Transport Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary
April 2012 Shenyang Senko Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in Shenyang , China
December 2012 A joint venture, Senko Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd was established in Thailand
December 2012 A joint venture, KO-SENKO Logistics CO.,LTD was established in Busan, South Korea
October 2013 AST Inc. became a subsidiary
Jun 2014 Sankyo Butsuryu Niyaku Co.,Ltd., Sankyo Logistics Co.,Ltd. became a Subsidiary
October 2014 RUNTEC Co.,Ltd., KOUKI Co.,Ltd. became a Subsidiary
March 2016 ACROSS TRANSPORT Corp. became a subsidiary
October 2016 Acquired Keihanna Helper Station Co., Ltd. to mark our major expansion into the nursing care business
October 2016 Opened the Yangon Logistics Center in Myanmar
April 2017 Established Senko Group Holdings Co., Ltd. to mark the transition to a holding company structure.
April 2017 NIPPON MARINE CO., LTD. and EIKO SHIPPING CO., LTD became a subsidiary, expanding marine business
April 2017 Skylift Consolidator(Pte)Ltd. became a subsidiary, enterd international air transport services
September 2017 Blue Earth Japan Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary, enterd fittness sector
October 2017 ANZEN YUSO CO., LTD. became a subsidiary
October 2017 VENUS CO.,LTD. became a subsidiary, enter nursing and preventative care business
January 2018 Opened the Pho Noi Logistics Center in Vietnam