Message from the President To become a
corporate group

Last year, we celebrated our centenary, a huge milestone for any company.

Senko has evolved into a logistics information corporate group of over 100 companies which are continually taking on challenges and implementing pioneering reforms.

April 2017, Senko made the transition to a holding company structure and was renamed Senko Group Holdings.

The Senko Group has five core companies under its umbrella, cooperation between which is now tighter than before, and even greater efforts will be made to increase corporate value through further international expansion and the creation of new business around the core areas of logistics and trading.

The Senko Group, a corporate group which nurtures people and supports them in their daily lives, is determined to create a new trend in services and products that drive the future.

We aim to become a trendsetting corporate group.

We can all look forward to seeing the Senko Group lead the way into the next 100 years.

Senko Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Yasuhisa Fukuda

Our Philosophy