Our Philosophy


The Senko Group, which consists of over 100 companies, is branching out into a range of areas in addition to logistics, and its accelerated international rollout has greatly diversified the nationalities of its employees.
Against this backdrop, we have shaped a corporate philosophy, shared across the entire Group, to enable us to utilize the overall strength of the Group to help us grow even further.
Under this philosophy, we expect all our employees to pursue progress toward the same direction.

普遍的な使命 目指す企業グループ像 ミッション&ビジョンに込めた想い グループの全社員が共有すべき価値観 グループの礎となる基本精神
Mission & Vision

As a corporate group fostering people and supporting people’s lives,
we contribute to achieve a genuinely productive global society by continuously challenging efforts to create new trends in terms of products and services that shift the future;
centering on our physical and commercial distribution business.

Corporate Group Creating Future Trends


We express the group vision and stance on business activities in the Corporate Slogan.

Moving Global

Go beyond logistics

Provide customers with high-quality services beyond the framework of an existing logistics company.

Make the world go round

Conduct a “global” business with social consciousness.

Revolutionize business

Offer customers new value by cultivating an awareness of self-development in employees.


We will cherish these values as our own, and live up to them. (IP CreD)

*The acronym IP CReD: IP stands for “identity preservation”, and CRed also means “credo”, the Latin word for “belief”.

Group Corporate Motto

We will fulfill our obligations from the standpoint of customers through a commitment to our mission as a logistics service provider and a dedication to providing services backed by the best technologies, skills and behavior.
This is the Senko “3S” spirit.