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CSR Report (2019)

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Editorial Policy and Scope of Report

Senko has issued three Environment and Safety Reports since 2005. In 2008 we established the CSR Promotion Committee and have published annual reports in order to clarify the scope of our CSR activities, including environmental conservation and road safety measures, to which we have always given top managerial priority.
Our editorial policy is as follows:

  • Senko distinctive CSR activities are issued as Features.
  • The scope of coverage includes the activities of Senko Group.
  • This report covers business activities in the period between April 2019 and March 2020. However, some activities that took place after April 2020 are also covered.
  • Environmental reporting is based on "Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2018 Edition)" published by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

Previous Reports

2018 CSR Report (2018)
(PDF :222.6 MB)

An English version has been made since 2018.
2017 CSR Report (2017) (Japanese Only)
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2016 CSR Report (2016) (Japanese Only)
(PDF :14.6 MB)
2015 CSR Report (2015) (Japanese Only)
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2014 CSR Report (2014) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 9.6MB)
2013 CSR Report (2013) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 10.4MB)
2012 CSR Report (2012) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 16.7MB)
2011 CSR Report (2011) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 19.4MB)
2010 CSR Report (2010) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 7.4MB)
2009 CSR Report (2009) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 5.2MB)
2006 CSR Report (2008) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 5.7MB)
2007 CSR Report (2007) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 2.4MB)
2006 CSR Report (2006) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 1.7MB)
2005 CSR Report (2005) (Japanese Only)
(PDF : 1.9MB)