Business Domains


Corporate Group Creating Future Trends

The SENKO Group has 4 core business domains: Logistics, Trading & Commerce, Business support, and Living Support.

Logistics Commerce Business Support Living Support


We have expanded our logistics to support customers in industries relating to housing and construction materials and chemical products, in addition to retail industries encompassing general supermarkets, drugstores, home improvement stores, and apparel. Furthermore, for the food sector we have freezing and refrigeration warehouses as well as a nationwide low-temperature (both chilled and frozen) logistics network which uses methods including refrigerated trucks and railway containers.
We also have business centers outside Japan (local companies, etc.) to create a multimodal transportation system between Japan and the world, and for our global logistics center business.

Trading & Commerce

We are involved in oil sales, commercial trading, and international trade. We sell fuel with oil cards, logistics-related commercial materials (logistics equipment, etc.), everyday items, packaging materials, foodstuffs, liquor, and more.
We also undertake international trade, such as the import and export of customers’ raw materials, and other international transactions.

Business Support

We have a logistics consulting business and an information system business responsible for developing and managing IT solution systems, to create an optimum logistics system which meets the diverse needs of our customers.
We also have a call center business which services the real-estate development sector, the personnel service sector, and online shopping businesses.

Living Support

We have developed businesses to support the everyday life of consumers, such as nursing care and housework services, as well as moving services, restaurants and agriculture.

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