Basic Policy/Plans

We at the SENKO Group aim for the trust of all our stakeholders in all our business undertakings.

The SENKO Group stakeholders and their relationship with the company

Our activities are based on our medium-term CSR management plan.

Our medium-term management plan attaches maximum importance to compliance, expresses our determination to be a cutting edge corporation in terms of the environment, health and safety, and states that our three major policies to be promoted are environmental measures, safety initiatives and health initiatives.

Important Initiatives

Environmental Measures

We recognize that as a logistics company we have a serious role to play with regard to the environment, and we have undertaken initiatives to reduce CO₂ emissions and save energy, with specific numerical targets, and to implement green logistics.

Safety Initiatives

We have set reduction targets for vehicle and work accidents and undertaken safety initiatives based on the PDCA cycle. These will help us achieve our eventual goal of a zero-accident workplace.

Health Initiatives

We aim to reduce health risks to a minimum through workplace improvements aimed at preventing health problems, self-care, and other personal health improvement schemes, and through the establishment of an extensive in-house health support system involving industrial physicians and nurses.